In Advector we are committed with the conception, structuring, leadership, execution and evaluation of research, development and innovation projects in Colombia. Our goal is to generate places for Colombian innovators to bring their ideas and find the conditions and the founding needed to turn them into reality and contribute with the development of the country and the world.

At the moment we working in the design and manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which are aircrafts remotely operated or flown by a pre-programmed flight plan that the drone executes automatically. These UAVs can do low altitude flights without putting the life of its operators at risk.

We provide specialized aerial photography and video services with low costs and high availability. We also manufacture and supply equipment, design and adapt it to the needs of our customers and their specific applications.

Advector S.A.S.

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Fernando Escobar

Ing. Esp. Fernando Escobar

General Manager

Industrial engineer specialized in operation with experience in fee structure management, demand forecasting and quality systems. His main interest now is in innovation management and high impact enterpreneurship.

Jaime Escobar

Ing. Jaime Escobar, MEng.

Research and Development

Mechanical engineer with a masters degree in aerospace engineering from Concordia University, in Canada in aerodynamcis and propulsion. He is a private pilot and all his profesional and private life has been linked to aviation. He a professor at San Buenaventura University since 2008 and is part of AeroTech research group where he has been doing research in unmanned aircrafts and computational aerodinamics. At Advector he is in charge of the design of the aircrafts, prototipe construction and test pilot.

Rodrigo Escobar

Ing. Rodrigo Escobar, MSc.

Research and Development

Electronic engineer with a masters degree in complex adaptive systems from Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweeden. He is a specialist in automation and control with a wide experience in algorithm development. He has directed a couple of diploma projects at Javeriana University and has a special interest in robotics and artificial inteligence.

Brayant Nieto

Ing. Brayant Nieto

Research and Development

Aeronautical engineer and member of the research group AeroTech at San Buenaventura University. He is skilled in managing CAD suits and ANSYS simulation software. In Advector he is part of the group dedicated to the design and construction of unmanned aircraft.